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Burial At Sea

A Timeless Tradition

A burial at sea, the scattering of a loved one's cremated body on the ocean's surface, is a timeless tradition -- a chosen funeral custom for thousands of years.

Excursion Details:

Honor Your Loved One with a Burial At Sea

Did your loved one enjoy the coastal beaches? Or, was the open ocean meaningful to them? Then, a burial at sea could be a befitting way to memorialize them. If you’re considering this kind of ceremonial farewell at sea, we offer a scattering of ashes service out of the Gasparilla Marina in Southwest Florida. The benefits can include complete privacy in secluded locations or being completely surrounded by the sea on this special occasion.

Biodegradable water urns are generally available and designed to float away from the boat gently. We discourage scattering any non-biodegradable items along with ashes. For instance, items such as wreaths or personal items might contain plastic or metal parts that can harm wildlife or become litter.

The actual form of the ceremony is completely up to you. We respect all faiths whatever your religion, traditions or belief systems may be. We will personalized the burial at sea to meet your needs. However, our crew will respectfully abstain from the actual ceremony. Additionally, we can provide flower and music options upon request. The scattering of a loved one’s cremated remains on the sea’s surface is a timeless funeral custom.

A burial at sea is a beautiful, memorable and affordable option when saying farewell to a loved one. Let our team help you with a serene setting to celebrate the life of a loved one. Say goodbye in a manner befitting of the life they led.